Wednesday, January 24, 2001

maaaan wheres kim at!? she need ta get on hea cuz i havent talked ta her in a while. thaz ma homegrl! lol i'm bored as i dunno wha. there aint nuffn ta do. i think i'ma close Ghetto Supastar for a while and do my diary ova. its gon be half diary and half ramblin bout some issues. what yall think?? i'm just sick of havin ta change ery single page when i make a new layout. and u know i be changin layouts every week! lol so yeah i'ma make a lil diary. shanise is probably wonderin why i dont neva write at hers but i need ma own personal section 'nahmean? lol woooo its been a long day. and its only 11:15! i hate school! i dont wanna go ta new classes cuz what if darius is in there!? or my new *love interest* lol u gon hafta read tha diary about that (if i decide ta make one) i hate bein in classes wit fine brothaz cuz its embarrassing... ok nevamind, yall wouldnt understand lol. i dont think nobodys payin no attention ta me anyways. aight lemme go do sumthin cuz i'm home alone and this dont happen often. peaaaaaaace

Tuesday, January 23, 2001

lalalalalaaa testing, testing...1....2...... testing........ i wonder if this message will show up cuz when i try to post it dont show