Friday, January 05, 2001

AHHHH!!! OH MA GOODNESS!! I'M MAKIN MY FIRST CD!!!! lol i'm all proud. :0) <-- *cheesin* this has been tha best month... so far *since its only january 5th lol* first i got me a cd burner, then i got me some speakers, now i gotz napster.... life iz good! lol. right now i'm makin a cd entitled Neesa's Old School Mix :0) whatcha think?? aight heres how it goes:

Track 1- Bobby Brown: Every Lil Step

Track 2- Bobby Brown: Dont Be Cruel

Track 3- Another Bad Creation: Iesha

Track 4- Bell Biv Devoe- Poison (LMBO... I SAID OLD SCHOOL mix didnt I!!)

Track 5- Portrait- Here We Go Again (yall probably dont know that one, thaz ma song)

Track 6- Hi Five- I Like Tha Way

Track 7- Heavy D- Got Me Waitin

Track 8- Imajin- No Love (No comment!)

Track 9- Mag 7- Street Mix (Lil Kennyz part iz kinda tyte)

Track 10- Aaliyah- Hot Like Fire (Timbalands Groove Mix)

Track 11- Boyz II Men- Motownphilly

Track 12- Boyz II Men- Thank U

Track 13- Boyz II Men- Cant Let Her Go

Track 14- 702- Can We Get It Together

Track 15- 702- All I Want

Track 16- Brownstone- Grapevyne

Track 17- Brownstone- If U Love Me

Ok so they're not ALL good songs but I had ta put somethin on there ta take up space. I cant be wastin no cds! AHHH! Its done!!!!!! and it took less than 10 minutes! aww sukki sukki now! are u thinkin what i'm thinkin?! I'm bout ta get paaaaaid! CHA-CHING!!!! I'ma be sellin these at school for 10 dollaz! first lemme see if this works... bbl

Wednesday, January 03, 2001

Oh mah gosh...It seems like I haven't blogged in a minute. Anyway, I been workin on a new idea for a clique cuz just don't like TJTWIA...So i came up with Innocent Covering. That cliques pretty good and my layout is nice.

My fellow bloggers won't be blogging as much cuz they started school! HAHA! I don't start until next Tuesday...then I won't blog as much. But until're stuck wit me!! I was kinda happy today because went out with my mom and like 15 people came, I thought I was the only person looking at this,lol. Thanx anyone who comes...and it wouldnt hurt to link me, my link is on the side table.

Do you think its time for a new layout? I've only had this one for about a week but its getting old quite fast..and I should make one while I can, seeing as how Imma start school soon. I think V2 is going to be a spin-off of my clique.

LOL@Neesa and Tahj, ya'll went wayyyyyy back for that Jam...i loved that song "Iessssha, you are the girl that I neva had.." i used ta crush on dem lil bustaz,lol.

I'm Out!! Rainbow Luv!!

Tuesday, January 02, 2001

AHHHHHHHHHH! its about time somebody knew what i wuz talkin bout!!! lol that wuz tha JAAAAAAM! i rememba me and my friend kourtney would be sittin arount talkin bout I wish my name wuz Iesha so they would be talkin bout me. LOL yeah we wuz dumb. we wuz only 6! lol. i used ta be writin Iesha as my middle name on papers at school! lol. i'm listenin ta some Immature songs from back in tha day when they sounded like some babies. this is toooooo cute! i'm so glad i got these speakers! lol. i need some mo songs ta download. i know theres some old school songs i forgot about. hmmmmmm......
ahhh Neesa thas the song!! I been dowloaded dat ish cuz i broke my tape (by accident *lol*) *singin* IESHA!! you are the girl i never had and i want to get to know you betta IESHA!! *lmao* you download at the playground?: mayne ABC used to be tha ish back in 1st grade woo lawd i miss dem days . . .
ahhh that sound tyte! u betta get!!!! feel free ta host tha numba one Ghetto Supastar cuz a sista need some room ta get her thangs togetha!! I need ta get hosted lyke whoa!!!! lol lemme stop. anyway, DO ANY OF YALL KNOW THA SONG IESHA BY ANOTHER BAD CREATION!!!!!!!!????????????? SOMEBODY gotta know that mess! thaz my favorite song in tha whooooooooole world!!!!! download that now!
BlogSpot been messin up again so I couldn't leave a message for a good sec. Everythings goin good and there's finally some rainbow luv,lol. I just got back with my boyfriend last night, I'm hyped! lol. Anywayz, I'm looking into buying a'll be but I don't know if I am. I'll holla back!

Monday, January 01, 2001

Im mad yall.... I got of IM to watch passions and college football is on! And now i can't get online to talk to you wonderful people ;) I joined this clique a couple hours ago. My first clique for my site. be back When I got more ta say...ALWAYS
Happy New Year!!. Anywayz...gonw with the good, in with the bad. I'm annoyed because....

1.) I wanna git hosted and no ones giving me the phuckin time of day...das bad...

2.) My clique pix are UGLIE..I worked too hard for them to look the hott mess they are.

3.) is trippin again!! They on and off all the time..

4.) I can't get that stupid Java Error thing off my damn page..

I swear, ya'll not gon see me much longer cuz imma throw the damn comp into the wall...Anyway.....
Still ain't no Rainbow Luv up 'n dis bytch...damn.

Sunday, December 31, 2000 is phuckin up again!! I'm waiting on Jai to tell me if I'm hosted or not but I don't think she's going to take me. Sometimes i think im good @ this bullshyt..sometimes I'm not. Ion know wha to do. My fellow bloggers have supported me in these two days,lol. I been up wit this blog for two damn days and I'm already trippin, lookin for a host? I need jesus. My comp is workin slow too...I think I'm going to git tha hell offline for i git mad an hit the computer.
No Rainbow Luv up 'n dis bytch...
Thanx for joinin MixChic...I was sayin before that I wanted me, you, tahj, neesa and nene (the 5 ppl on this blog) to make a clique. If u up for it, holla back an say so.
wasup yall sorry i took so long to join. i've been busy workin on my websites and making graphics. how many ppl are in this blogg? Hi everyone! LOL! i'll bbl peace.................