Saturday, December 30, 2000

I am soooo freakin madd!! GRRR!! is trippin!! Half the pages I have on there won't show up and I can't even log in to work on my clique. I'm REAL madd. I really wanted to work on my clique Thas Jus The Way I Am. My first version is cute, it was gonna be Angelica (from rugrats) an be devilish..but now i got money on it an its gonna be money hungry. The graphic is too cute...its a whole buncha coins an it says all the info for my page. But...back to virtue...I'm fully pissed with a passion. Now my blog is messin up. table dissappeared...i got um back but now my link me button won't work AND on top of that my htmlsavvy button it trippin too. I need a domain now more then over...jus because there's no where online to have a descent page anymore....

On a good note, I just had madd fun playing Mash online. It was so fun that I added it to my activities section. You should really go check it out, its by
Gene. I got hooked up wit my bookie boo Lawrence,lol. I was like "Auwww Sookie Cookie Nah!!". But you don't care, do ya? Moving Along...

HaHa@Neesa! lol, yo hairdresser be trippin. Mine always know wha to do. :-p Las time she gave me some mega red highlight. It sound ugly but its soooooooo cute (if i may say so myself). Das bogus how she be cuttin yo hair...I'd havta cut her. At least she has a good life...ol' gurl ain even outta college an she rollin' like that? It's a blessing, I just hope I can be at that level when I get her age, I plan to be.

I'm gittin real annoyed now cuz Rugrats are boring and on top of that Lawrence is tellin me my textbox don't if it don't...imma be upset!! Everythings messin up...sheesh...Rainbow Luv!

Gurl you betta CHECK her cuz some of them like ta cut hair PERIOD. but anywayz... whew.. i want me a football playa playa... me n' kim came to a conclusion that they be lookin some good in them tights. im rootin for tha saints right now.. the score is 17 to 7. Moving on... And i fiqured out what i wanna do! I wanna be a lawyer... my pockets is gonna be SWOLLEN !! and ima minor in graphic design... you know JUST TA LET YALL KNOW this much:) g2 get back to my love n' b-ball layout... be back when i got somthin ta say....ALWAYS...
lol grl you aint gotta feel bad. i guess i forgot ta mention tha part about how i slept til 12 that morning and i couldnt sleep so i stayed online as late as possible so i could fall asleep and not wake up in tha middle of tha nite. but i forgot i had ta go to tha hair salon. thaz why i was mad. i hate goin there. that woman be cuttin my hair off every week. i wouldnt care if it wuz a TRIM but ummm... she be hackin it off! a couple inches here, a couple mo inches there.... you know what i mean. and then she be gettin hair spray all up in my eyes! i'm like DAAAANG! my head iz ova HERE hun!! watch where u sprayin!!!! she got water drippin all down my shirt when i'm at tha bowl, and she be usin tha water sprayin like she waterin tha lawn!! i'm like Can I get anotha towel please!!! I THOUGHT I already showered but I guess I was wrong!!!! Anyway, dont get me started on her. I mean, she cool and erythang but ummm... she need ta get some more sleep so she can focus on what she doin. Not that she cares cuz she got her BENZ! Yeah I said it, she got a BENZ! THA ONE I WANT!!!!! 'Cept hers is white. I want a silver one. I wuz like Hol up! How she got her own salon, a new house, AND a benz and she aint even outta college yet!?!?!?! SHOOOOOOO! I know what I'ma be doin. Any of yall wanna get ya hair did!?!? lol.

Oh yeah, about tha clique... grl u know i'm in there like swimwear! (who used ta alwayz be sayin that!?!?) lol that means, yeah I'll help you :0) eww sumthin smells like old spam in here. lemme go see what they doin upstairs. bbl yall. peaaaace
Thanx ta TaTa...dat girl keeps my company since i be online so much wit tha snow (12 inches now...). An I'm sorry Neesa!! Girl I'm used ta stayin up late, when I got offline i cooked some oatmeal an was on the phone from bout 2:30 to 4:20. I'm jus a night owl i guess. Now you got me feeling all gulity and bad. I was wondering..Neesa, NeNe, Tata and MixChic do ya'll wanna combine on a clique? If so holla back @ me cuz I'm up for it. I already started one called That's just the way I am, but i wanna start one in combo with people who got some web skills. Also, ya'll look out for the link to me an Kaylonie's storyboard. We been workin on it and it has the arcoiris theme too. Rainbow Luv!
guess who back up in dis piece! say my name say my name... neesa in tha house! i say NEESA IN THA HOUUUUSE! lol what am i talkin bout!? see, its too early in tha morning for me ta be thinkin right about now. and its all KIM'Z fault!! do yall know that grl had me up at 1:30 in tha mornin talkin on AIM!!! I wuz all tired, had ta drag myself up tha stairs ta my room and then I tripped ova a box cuz I'm gettin new furniture so I'll my ish iz boxed up, so I tripped ova some bags, fell head first ova tha box and onto tha bed. then my covers fell off *and you know how i be thinkin theres some spiders on tha floor waitin ta crawl up my sheets!!* so i didnt wanna put em back on but it wuz cold and then they kept fallin off and i couldnt sleep cuz i had ta keep wakin up ta pick tha sheets up off tha floor, and den when i finally fell asleep it wuz probably round 3 in tha morning, and den all of a sudden my momma busts in tha room talkin bout "HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" i wuz like YES!!!!!?????? and she pointed to tha clock and it wuz 7:45 and I had ta get dressed ta go get my hair did. so then i wuz mad cuz i didnt get no kinda sleep and i'm tired as i dunno wha but i cant go ta bed cuz i'm already awake. and we dont have no freakin cereal up in here so i'm hungry! and on top of all that........ IT DIDNT SNOW!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRR

Visit my site!! It would make me feel betta :0) lol. And if ya dont know now ya know....Ghetto Supastar
Ahhh! Kim!! I like Caliente Muchacha but I wanted Bebe Muneca mayne!! I liked that one!! *lol* aight, tho. And why you swear you ain got no skills wooo lawd! no comment kim! anyway . . . i'll bbl
YAY!!! I finally got my blog tha way I want it. I'm so hyped!! AHHHHHH!! I think i got a few skills now. yeah right.

An Mick...I'm sorry but thas wha my lil production thingy is called. Bebe Muneca Productions. Sorry Ma! I would if i didnt have my production thing slapped over everything. But I'll help u think of one. Maybe Caliente Muchacha (dat means hot girl in "espaƱol"). So i know that's long but u can use that sometimes, or gimme somethin in english an I'll translate it for you.

Anywayz, I'm once again advertising...if u own a domain hit me up. (please...) I don't know FTP..but i know CSS an HTML(DHTML) an all that. Also..if anyone has Paint Shop Pro 7 can u holla @ me? JASC dont like me very much so i cant download it from I have LiveImage so i can do image mapping...and i jus want to get hosted!! *cry* pleaze!! *sob*

So...on another subject... the day after tomorrow is the 31st. That's my boyfriend/friend's (long story) birthday.
I really wish I could spend it with him but my mom be on trips forreal an I think she jus dont like him. He's real special to me and I love him...I just wish she'd let me be with him but she won't. She keeps trippin', I guess she thinks I'm too yound to really know what love is but I'm not. And of course, its new years eve. On New Years Eve I always go to tellin wha the world is comin to an i wanna be wit the lord.

To Neesa an Nene: Thanx for signin an stuff! NeNe thanx for making my button. It's cute as hell. lol. I wanted to know what you used but u left. Neesa, thanx for talkin to meh girl, we talked for like 3 hrs, huh? u madd coo! Tahj!! u needa tell me before you leave,lol. I bez lookin for ya.

Das All i got for this I'm sleepy. Rainbow Luv!

Friday, December 29, 2000

*rotflmao@neesa* girl you's crazy. I'd probly start screamin' my black ass off if that happened to me, tho. Woo lawd i can see it now. *visualizin it* *lmao* KIM!! is you still usin Bebe Muneca? or can I have it? Can i have it PWEASE!?!? I'm yo' best friend Kim!! *lol* OMG any of y'all see the top 3 vids on the bet top 100 countdown? I fell asleep after shake it fast woops!
Ahhhhh! Dis princesa is hyped! lol, I'm glad ya'll joined and signed. Now all i gotta do is finish gettin this blog done...Rainbow Luv!
Ahhhhh! Dis princesa is hyped! lol, I'm glad ya'll joined and signed. Now all i gotta do is finish gettin this blog done...Rainbow Luv!
*KA BOOOM!**singin* stepped up in da room*HEY GURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRL!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BURFDAY!!!!!!!! lol lemme stop you know I had to enter wit a big bang!!!! Not taht i coudl help u but neesa and mick know them some html... im just enEia but feel free to ask me:) i saw some domains for some 8 bucks what is that... but i dunno... i'll be ri back... dont miss me too much
awwww i feel so special!!! wassuuuuup fam!! dis be ya grl neesa for those that dont know. i dont know why yall want ME on here but itz all good!! Here I am!!! *cheesin* lol anyway, i feel u on tha gettin hosted thang. envy be gettin on my nerves and virtue dont have enuff space. i would get my own domain but u know a sista be BROKE all tha time so I'ma just leave that til latta. so meanwhile, yall can check me out at cuz version 3.0 iz now open!! Itz still a lil ghettofied cuz I didnt feel like makin no cute splash pages. AHHHH!! JAYZ ON!!!!! tell me why i seen this grl today ri and she wuz like My friend iz Jay-Zs cousin and she didnt even know! I wuz like WHA!!!!!!???? and she wuz like Yeah, they wuz havin family ova one day and she came down tha stairs and she wuz like You're JAY-Z!!!! and he wuz like Yeah and you're Ashley! and she wuz like How u know my name!? and he wuz like Cuz I'm your cousin!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!! I WOULD DIE YALL!!!!!!!!! *If you didnt already know, I got a thang for Jay-Z lol* Ok lemme shut up cuz yall are probably sick of readin this. anyway, I hope it snows tonite!!! :0) Peace out pplz
I'm so mad, I don't know who else I want to join my blog, but i do want someone else. I IMed Mae and told her how much I love her blog. It's really nice, she put all her time into it. I wanted a domain but if anyone needs one its her. If i do get one, maybe It'll be or ( i like that one...) maybe I should come up with money before I come up with names, know wha i mean?

I hope Neesa an Mix Chic see this cuz I really want them to join my blog. *hint hint* An maybe I'll ask Trini and Ashley.....

Anyway, I'm really trying to get my site together. I can't seem to be able to get it how I want when I do somethin always phucks up. I wanted version one to be about Brandy...but that might not work. So then I said Lil' Kim..but the pics too big. So then it dawned on me, why not mariah..she does have a CD called Rainbow (what arco iris means in english...its spanish). So i made my blog Mariah and I'm just praying that my site'll work out ok.

On another note ( i have NO writing skills ), if someone with a domain sees this and are willing to give me space on their domain email me!! PLEASE I beg you. I'm sick of working off and be trippin' sometimes, ya kno?)

Thats All i gotta say for now, Rainbow Luv!!

Coo Tahj...hmm, i been workin on it allllll damn day, it should look good,lol. Nah I'm playin...i can't git the font on my other table to look how i want it though. ya kno? Holla back! Rainbow Luv!
kiiimmm!! lol why was i gon laugh? it looks nice!! it looks betta than mines *lol* *covers up my blog* sike lemme stop imma post sumthin lata aigh?
Tahj, soon as u see dis u gon laugh, its horrible!!
Ion know what to post as my first blog. I mean, there's so much we could talk about, ya kno? I think imma go on and bring up the subject thats in my mind. Its bout mah girl TaTa and her Mya Site. This one trick from Destiny's Year was bitin' her ish fo real. Go to both the sites an look an see for yourself. That wasn't no mistake, mistakes can't be that much the same, ya kno? I mean HOW MORE OBVIOUS CAN YOU BE? I mean dayum... Anywayz, off that subject and on to another, I got so much love for DolceCarmella all of the sites (the main host, and ALL the hotess) are tyte as hell. I wish i had skillz like that but i don't doesn't matter,lol. I don't have shyt else to babble on about so I
ll post lata. Rainbow Luv!!
Ya'll...I hope My Blog works out fine...cuz i don't know what the hell I'm doing.